ASConsult - Certified Accountant

The ASCONSULT company was created, in September 2008, in the sequence of a project idealized by its founder, André Silva. ASCONSULT was initially contacted by collaborating duas, but currently it integrates five technicians ao seu serviço: two Certified Accountants, Accounting Technical duas and an Administrative Technique.

Since its foundation, ASCONSULT has been governed by high ethical standards. Your human resources recommend a professional activity guided by high patrons of honesty and rectitude.

For additionally two adequate human resources, ASCONSULT also has more modern technological ferramentations, modern facilities and well located in such a way as to guarantee or easy access to all those interested in our services:

Rua Dr. Albano Barreiros Courashopping,
Lj. 4 4940-532 Paredes de Coura

"... To be able to do the accounting, you need to know it first ..."

Lopes Amorim

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